Compost, Soil Improvers & Decorative Chippings

Compost, Soil Improvers & Decorative Chippings

We stock everything from cacti and orchid composts to John Innes mixes, peat free and organic ranges to Multi-purpose multi buys.

Gravels can be used as a mulch or for pathways, we usually have in stock a range of colours from golden, white, slate to red and sizes from grits and pea gravels to cobbles and rockery stones.

Our range is wide from soil improvers, landscape bark, manures, sand, decorative chippings, decorative paving stones, rockery stones, pot feet & stones.

Rich in nutrients, compost is one of the most vital ingredients of a healthy garden. There are two major compost groups, home compost and potting compost.

Home compost consists of general purpose, organic, and peat free varieties, which are used to improve the health of garden soil. Potting compost, either for planters or grow bags, are prepared to enable gardeners to provide the best growing conditions for garden plants.

What type of compost is right for you and, more importantly, your garden?

General purpose compost

There are a number of general purpose composts to give your garden the perfect boost. It is ideally balanced for the majority of plants, including vegetables, fruits, shrubs and trees. General purpose compost is suitable for all areas of the garden, such as beds and borders, posts, and baskets, or for when topping up raised beds.

Organic and peat free composts

Organic and peat free composts are available which are made from 100% recycled garden waste, and provide a sustainable additive for your garden. These organic materials promote healthy growth in your plants, vegetables and fruit. Peat free compost is produced using excess garden products, which otherwise would be sent to landfill sites making it much kinder to the environment.

Organic and peat free composts are ideal for hanging baskets, beds and borders, pots, and containers, vegetables, and shrubs.

Potting compost

Getting the right potting compost is essential for giving your house plants the nutrients and water that their roots need, to grow as naturally as if they were developing in the ground. It's vital to get the right texture to enable the roots to grow strongly, and the plant to flourish. There are typically two different types of potting compost, either soil based or peat based.

Soil based potting compost is recommended for plants who need high levels of nutrients, and support to their root system. Peat based potting compost is better suited for plants that need a lot of water.

Avoid using garden soil for house plants or potting on.

Levington Multi Purpose Compost
Murphy Multi Purpose Compost
Miracle-Gro Fruit & Veg Organic Compost
Levington John Innes No.3
Miracle Gro All Purpose Compost

Grow bag compost

Growing bags give your plants, fruits and vegetables the room they need to sprout and flourish. Bags were originally introduced as an alternative to planting directly into greenhouse soil. As they haven't got permanent borders, the space is used more efficiently, and the plants are protected from any soil-borne disease. Growing bags are perfect for producing healthy fruit and vegetables, whether inside a greenhouse, or placed in a sunny spot outside.

Grow bags available include:

Miracle-Gro Fruit & Vegetable Organic
Tomorite Giant Planter Grow Bag

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