Our Enviromental Policy

Our Enviromental Policy Environmental Policy
Fron Goch Garden Centre as one of the largest leading garden centres in North Wales should be at the forefront of green issues in both the way in which it operates, in the products it supplies to its customers and the ethos in which the business is run.

We have identified some areas where we as a business can make a contribution to the environment and our surrounding area; this is our small contribution to making the world a better place.

Recycling is a way of life at Fron Goch; we recycle all our food waste, glass, tins, cardboard and paper, polythene and plastic bottles. We encourage our customers to do the same. With a compost bin you can increase your recycling potential. We also provide a 'pot swap' station, this gives our customers the opportunity to use and recycle unwanted plastic pots and carry trays.

Saving Water
We endeavour to limit the amount of water we consume as a business and offer a range of products for you to save water and limit your usage.
Did you know we now have eco-friendly waterless urinals!

By recycling your fruit & vegetable peelings, grass cuttings and the rest of your garden waste you can produce well-rotten garden compost, which can be used as a soil improver to enhance plant growth - great on a vegetable patch.

Water Butts
Water Butts are an essential for your garden.
Almost 10,000 average litres of rainwater falls on our house roofs each year so by collecting it in a water butt, you have a ready source of water that can help keep your garden looking lush and green.

A water butt can be connected to a down pipe so that it collects rainwater from your gutters. If you are using a down pipe, you will also need an overflow pipe or a rain diverter to redirect water into the butt. Once it's full, water flows down the drainpipe.
A gutter filter will also keep out unwanted debris.

Health & Wellbeing
No matter what your age or level of experience, gardening has been proven to have many benefits for our health and wellbeing. Not only does it provide us with exercise and help us stay active, it helps to relieve stress, promotes a connection with nature and encourages relaxation and mindfulness. Learning and sharing new skills is very rewarding and nothing beats growing your own tasty fruit and vegetables. Sharing all this with family and friends helps you to create memories which last a lifetime.
At Fron Goch we enjoy helping you to get the most out of your garden and outdoor spaces, hoping to help you create a happier and healthier you.

FSC Policy
Fron Goch Garden Centre has a policy of sourcing wood based products from suppliers who ensure the timber used is accredited to FSC standards (Forest Stewardship Council) which ensures for every tree that is cut down one is planted.
Where available the FSC logo will be displayed along with their certification number.

Peat Policy
Fron Goch Garden Centre shares public concern in reducing peat use to minimize the effects of global peat extraction on peat bog habitats. Our range includes an ever-expanding and ever-improving variety of PEAT FREE composts as an alternative for customers, which we actively promote by offering the best possible price we can, encouraging customers to make the switch. Many viable peat alternatives exist which are either completely peat-free or of reduced peat content.
Our suppliers have improved labelling and information on their packaging, enabling our customers to make informed decisions about peat alternatives when purchasing growing medium.
Did you know: We use 80% PEAT FREE compost in our own nursery for our seasonal bedding plants.

Our Commitment
To provide tried and tested viable peat alternatives
Sell growing medium products supplied by reputable and responsible companies
Ensure information is available so that customers can make informed decisions when purchasing growing medium products.
Stock a range of high quality growing medium that is fit for every gardening purpose and meets government guidelines.
Further information may be obtained from the Forest Stewardship Council via their web site www.fsc-uk.org.

Building Long Term Relationships
We support our customers, staff and community wherever possible.
Local Charities, Raffle Prizes, Plants and Seeds for School projects.

Championing Local & British Produce
We use local and British suppliers wherever possible. We believe in responsible sourcing and treating our suppliers fairly.

A More Efficient Business
We constantly try to improve the efficiency of our machinery and equipment. We are committed to becoming as carbon neutral as possible, conscientiously reducing our carbon footprint, investing in greener technologies and seeking out environmentally friendly sustainable options wherever we can.  For example, our new extension is heated by underfloor heating, which is powered by air source heat pumps and vastly reduces our carbon footprint.   

All our indoor lighting uses the latest super efficient lamps and the hand dryers in the toilets are the most efficient on the market.

All our cardboard & plastic that is unwanted by our customers to carry their items home is compacted, baled and recycled.

The installation of a biomass wood pellet, renewable heat, energy efficient heating system. Approved by Ofgem through the Microgeneration Certification Schemet (MCS)

Within the restaurant we have introduced a 'Grounds for Grounds' policy. We offer our customers free bags of our used coffee grounds for their gardens. Its great for the garden, keeps our carbon foot print low & reduces landfill waste.