Cynnyrch Cartref / Homegrown

Cynnyrch Cartref / Homegrown Today, we are proud to produce over 85% of our bedding, baskets, container and vegetable plants using skilled growing techniques on site here at Fron Goch.

We know that plants from our HomeGrown range are better because:

- They are already acclimatized to the local environment and are stronger as a result

- They are less exposed to the risk of imported pests and diseases

- They have the very best care and attention because they are nurtured by our skilled growers

- They help us reduce our environmental impact because we can invest in better growing techniques.

- They travel fewer plant miles helping reduce our carbon footprint and protect the local environment

The word ‘HomeGrown’ has become synonymous with superior quality and nothing could be more true of the Homegrown range here at Fron Goch.